5 ways to celebrate the holidays at TRETTI
December 7, 2023

Set out a plate of cookies for Sinterklass and top up your mulled wine, because the holidays are almost here, and at TRETTI, there are myriad ways to celebrate.

In Sweden, celebrations begin on Christmas Eve, or Julafton, with a traditional buffet smörgåsbord and a Christmas gnome who lives in the forest and hands out gifts. In Denmark, children decorate the tree, and each household prepares a traditional cinnamon rice pudding called grod. In Norway, last minute shopping is de rigeur as people rush home for lutefisk (a cod dish) and glogg (mulled wine). At TRETTI, a complete community welcoming a broad range of residents, anything goes. Here are five ways to celebrate this holiday season at the Scandinavian-inspired residence in the heart of Wilson Heights.

Gather Santa’s little helpers in the children’s play area.

Gather up the youngest elves and all of Santa’s little helpers and host an afternoon of holiday fun in the children’s play area. The sun-filled space is the perfect spot to maximize daylight hours, reading Christmas classics in the reading nook, or decorating the indoor tree sculptures. When the sun is out, bundle everyone up and head to the outdoor playscape where the little ones can chase reindeer on the rubbery, kid-friendly, rolling hills.

Break bread with your nearest and dearest in the party room.

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, and the party rooms re the perfect spot to host them all. Cuddle up on the couch and kick off a holiday movie marathon with Elf, Home Alone, and It’s a Wonderful Life on repeat on the big screen. Sip eggnog next to the fire. Or sit down for a meal at a dining table that seats up to 8 or 10.

Help friends beat holiday stress in the fitness studio.

So much of the holidays focuses on food and drink, and, while that may be delicious (and we love shortbread as much as the next guy), sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. Consider inviting a group of friends for a stress-busting session in the high-performance fitness studio or a relaxing stretch in the sun-filled yoga room. A savasana is a welcome follow-up to a marathon holiday shopping run.

Let your fur babies in on the fun in the pet-centric amenity space.

As anyone who has a pet will understand, the holidays aren’t just for humans. Give your four-legged family members their own celebration in TRETTI’s pet-centric amenity space where they can play with their furry friends and go full zoomies on the artificial turf.

Celebrate with your colleagues and collaborators in the co-working space.

The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without some professionally mandated festivities, but freelancers and modern professionals who work from home don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Hop in a private alcove in the co-working space and host an online Zoom or a Teams event. The lightning-fast Wi-Fi will ensure your connection is crystal clear, so no one will miss a second of your Rudolph impression.

Scandinavian-inspired, and designed for the way people really live, TRETTI has the spaces and programming to support today's modern lifestyles, throughout the holidays and all year long.

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