About Us

Collecdev is a development company dedicated to building better communities. We champion an integrated approach, based on our five pillars of good development and design.


At Collecdev, sustainability is all encompassing. It means innovative technology like geothermal energy systems that reduce a building’s carbon footprint and help create predictable monthly costs for residents. It means consideration for affordable housing that will ensure the city’s long-term accessibility and growth. It means building communities that will thrive for decades, anticipating the future while balancing the needs of today.

Arts & Culture

We’ve always believed that art isn’t something to be reserved for a small few. Art inspires, it adds beauty, it makes people think – and that’s something that should be accessible to everyone in the course of their daily lives. That’s why public art plays an essential role in every Collecdev project, helping to build community, spark conversation, and inspire new ideas.


In today’s competitive marketplace, innovation is what allows us to adapt to changing market conditions, maintain a strong customer focus, and address evolving consumer needs. We are continually seeking new technologies and methodologies for everything from initial design to development, creating distinct product offerings that promote a better quality of life.


Good architecture is the result of careful planning, design, and construction, resulting in buildings that not only look good, but feel good for residents, the environment, and the communities in which they stand. By partnering with award-winning architects and designers whose values align with our own, we’re able to bring our vision to life in structures that will remain relevant for generations to come.


Our goal is to create thoughtful and sustainable communities that offer an outstanding quality of life for everyone who engages with them - “complete communities” that provide the infrastructure, connectivity, and private and public spaces that allow people to thrive. Community is the foundation of every Collecdev project, and helps our residents live happier, healthier lives.

Our pillars help define and inform our approach to development, propelling our pursuit to enhance neighbourhoods and improve quality of life. This mission is shared by every member of our team, starting with Collecdev President, Maurice Wager, who, for more than a decade, has championed strategic real estate planning initiatives in Toronto and the GTA. As VP of Development for Shiplake Management Company, one of Canada’s leading real estate development firms, Maurice has helmed a diverse portfolio that includes rental apartments, retirement residences, commercial spaces, and new residential developments. He is recognized throughout the industry for his strong values, integrity, and foresight, and encourages those same traits in the entire Collecdev team.

Westwood Gardens 8868 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill Under Construction
470 – 530 Wilson 470 - 530 Wilson Avenue, Toronto Future Development
Lillian Park 45 Dunfield Avenue, Toronto Under Construction

Our Team

Our team is made up of the brightest minds in the business, exceptional individuals, united as one inimitable force. We take an integrated approach, collaborating with award-winning architects and designers, creating timeless structures with uncompromising standards of quality and meticulous attention to detail. We select locations that connect you to everywhere and everything. We include amenities that make life a little easier and a lot better. This is not just a business, but a way to unite communities and elevate the universal experience of life.

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Executive Members

  • Maurice Wager President
  • Michael Latner Co-Chairman
  • Steven Latner Co-Chairman
  • Stephen Bloom Director
  • Jon Bester Director of Finance
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