• Collecdev H.O.M.E. is an interest-free, payment-free loan to put toward your down payment.
  • This interest-free loan reduces your up front deposit requirement to only up to 6.5% as compared to a traditional 20% deposit for a market priced condominium.
  • The loan remains interest-and payment-free as long as you continue to reside in your Collecdev home.
  • When you sell your Collecdev home, or it’s no longer your primary residence, you will need to repay the loan.
  • If you sell for less than the original purchase price, the amount of the loan is reduced by the difference between the sales price and the original purchase price. If you sell for more than the original purchase price, you must repay the full loan along with the Capital Appreciation Amount.*
You Qualify If…
  • You or your spouse do not yet own a home in Canada
  • You are currently renting
  • Your annual household income does not exceed $96,000
  • Your new Collecdev home will be your sole and principal residence
  • You are a permanent resident of Canada and 18 or older
  • Application requires a valid photo ID, your CRA tax assessment from the previous year, proof of a stable source of income, and a signed declaration that all information provided is accurate
Just 6.5% Down

Qualify for Collecdev H.O.M.E. and you can also take advantage of our exclusive deposit structure that allows you to purchase a Collecdev unit with just 6.5% down. Here’s how it works…

  • Put down $5,000 at time of signing
  • Pay the balance of 6.5% within 30 days

Collecdev H.O.M.E. loans are supported by the Government of Canada, Ontario, and the City of Toronto. Together, we believe in building communities that will flourish for decades, anticipating the future while balancing the needs of today and making good design, social connection, and inspiring communities accessible for all.

Purchase 1-Bedroom Suite
Purchase 2-Bedroom Suite
Your home appreciates
and you sell 5 years later
Purchase Price:
Your 6.3% Deposit:
HOAP at $25,000*
IAH at $25,720*
Total: $50,720 free loan
(13.7% of the Purchase Price)
Bank Mortgage:
Monthly Mortgage
Payment: $1,299
Your home appreciates
and you sell 5 years later
Original Purchase Price:
Increase in Value:
$102,252 (5%/year)
Resale Price:
Re-pay bank mortgage:
Re-pay HOAP & IAH
Funds: $64,733
**Calculated at
(IAH + HOAP)/Purchase Price x Resale Price.
*Estimated based on a 447sf, 1-bed unit.
TD Bank’s 5-year fixed rate (3.34%, 30 yr. amortization) + Maintenance Fees ($0.60) + Property Taxes (0.75%) + Heat Expense ($100/month)
** Assuming a 5% commission fee and less the initial deposit amount $23,301.