Collecdev honoured as a champion of affordable housing
March 12, 2018

When the Mayor of Toronto recognizes us for something, it’s always an honour, but when he recognizes us for a mission near and dear to our hearts, well that’s truly a cause for celebration. And so it was earlier this month when Mayor John Tory and Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão named Collecdev as one of Toronto’s 2018 Affordable Housing Champions.

“I want to thank our non-profit and private sector partners for their dedication to building quality, affordable housing in Toronto," said Deputy Mayor Bailão, the City's Housing Advocate. "It is only through these strong and ongoing partnerships that the City can succeed in providing new affordable rental and ownership housing for Torontonians.” 

These partnerships, with the 18 honourees, will see 1,094 affordable homes built in 20 developments in 12 wards across the city. They will help support Toronto’s future as a global beacon of innovation and inclusiveness. They will set an example for alliances between the public and private sectors to revitalize under-utilized sites, and demonstrate that community and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive. Something we’ve always known.

The importance of affordable housing is a long-held principle at Collecdev. Our fundamental belief - that good design shouldn’t be limited by affordability - shapes every element of every project we build. Our goal is to create connected, inspiring, accessible, thriving, community-oriented neighbourhoods full of people of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and ideas. We believe that diversity, not exclusivity, is the foundation of creativity and growth, and affordable housing is an essential part of that system.

But we don’t just talk the talk, we put our beliefs into action with projects like Balliol Park, where over 50 percent of the Davisville building includes mid-range, affordable rental units; and 30 and 36 Tippett, which will include 200 affordable rental and ownership units, as part of a greater mission to build complete communities that support Toronto’s healthy and balanced growth.

“We are committed to building more affordable housing at a faster pace,” said Mayor Tory. At Collecdev we are honoured to play a part in realizing that goal. In the end, good design isn’t about a price tag, it’s about optimizing form and function to connect people and enhance our overall experience of life.

To see a full list of the 2018 Affordable Housing Champions check out this City of Toronto news release. And for more information on all the Collecdev communities helping to make the city a better place to call home, click here.