300 Bloor St. W

300 Bloor St. W
Category Condo Ownership
Address 300 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Architect KPMB Architects
Status Pre-Construction
An award-winning team of city-builders united by their passion for developing sustainable communities with a tangible social, economic and environmental focus have conceived another icon for one of Toronto’s most beloved neighbourhoods. Collecdev and Northrop Development Corporation are the driving forces behind 300 Bloor Street West, a tastefully designed residential project shaped by the community assets that make The Annex a highly sought-after place to live.

Since the late 19th century, Bloor Street United Church has been a revered local landmark, a cherished heritage building, and a civic institution with long-standing historical, cultural and community importance. The development at 300 Bloor Street West recognizes the innate value of this place of worship, taking cues from the character of The Annex and the significance of Bloor Street to mould a respectful KPMB Architects-designed residential tower.

A major exterior and interior renovation undertaken by ERA Architects preserves and restores the architectural features of the church, while the rear surface parking lot facing Huron Street is transformed into a 29-storey jewel clad in warm materials. Paying deference to the Norman-Gothic-style heritage building, charcoal brick columns frame the residential lobby and closely mimic the tonal expression of the Church.

The development expands and modernizes Church facilities, creating greater internal flexibility to accommodate a number of community uses. An arresting juxtaposition between the old and new emerges as the historic stone facade of the Church contrasts with a contemporary glazed promenade, while shimmering bronze detailing on the tower recalls the historic built form of The Annex.

300 Bloor West will add 249 homes to The Annex, representing 249 opportunities to live in a renowned, stable neighbourhood offering innumerable community amenities to its residents. A wide range of residences will be provided at 300 Bloor Street West to preserve and enhance housing accessibility in the neighbourhood. In an increasingly expensive housing market, it is more important now than ever before to ensure the sustainability, liveability and vitality of The Annex and Toronto as a whole.

Collecdev and Northrop have found a natural partner in the Bloor Street United Church, and our combined commitment to progressive design and community engagement, all pictured through a neighbourhood lens, produces an inspired project that captures the best The Annex has to offer.