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Friluftsliv is the great Scandinavian philosophy of embracing the outdoor life in everything we do. We’re not only inspired by this ideal for the Nørdic, we are driven by every part of it.


Nørdic Condos
Category Condo Ownership
Address 500 Wilson Avenue, Toronto
Architect gh3*
Status Under Construction
Nørdic Condos ushers in a novel lifestyle in the evolving Tippett Regeneration Area, a neighbourhood undergoing a transformation supported by all three levels of government and progressive planning principles. The 12-storey development embraces the Scandinavian philosophy of Friluftsliv, which recognizes the relationship between human well-being and the rejuvenative forces of nature.

Introducing a contemporary amalgam of clean lines and neutral palettes to 500 Wilson Avenue, Nørdic Condos is conveniently located in a mature neighbourhood serviced by a number of key transportation routes. The property sits next to Wilson subway station, Allen Road and Highway 401, with valued community amenities like Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Downsview Park, and York University in close proximity. Recent and upcoming transit expansions, including the completed Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension and the future Finch West LRT and Eglinton Crosstown, will provide key links to the rest of Toronto and beyond.

The arresting architecture of Nørdic Condos employs a crisp white facade emphasized by spacious balconies, terraces, and double-glazed windows, accentuating the building’s ingrained connection to the outdoors. On the north side of the structure, a stepped design has been implemented to create a cascading series of outdoor spaces where residents can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while interacting with their neighbours. An extension of the home, three communal courtyards offer additional spaces to socialize and enjoy the outdoors.

Nørdic Condos thinks globally and acts locally by including a geothermal heating and cooling system to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce annual energy costs, and save over five million litres of water every year.

An expansive amenities package has been carefully crafted to meet the wants and needs of residents, with a state-of-the-art fitness centre, calisthenics courtyard, outdoor pet relief area and indoor washing zone, outdoor kids play area, and landscaped outdoor lounges and barbecue zones all included in the full-service program.

Nørdic also understands the importance of housing inclusivity and accessibility. A number of the 437 condominiums have been allocated to Collecdev H.O.M.E., an affordability initiative that provides payment- and interest-free down payment assistance loans to first-time homebuyers. Fulfilling the pressing need for affordable housing while addressing long-term plans for growth in the region, Nørdic Condos increases both the volume and type of housing in the neighbourhood, contributing towards the proliferation of a complete community driven by a people-oriented approach.

Sustainable Features

Sustainable architecture is environmentally conscious, energy-saving, and utilizes responsive and renewable materials and systems. Collecdev realizes that ecological and environmental concerns have expanded beyond the issue of the consumption of non-renewable energy sources.
Sustainability essentially aims for ecological balance.
geothermal features
Geothermal is a premium system that reduces the building’s carbon footprint, lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 70% over traditional systems and saves over 5 million litres of water per year.
Geothermal saves money, reducing annual energy costs for the entire building with lower maintenance and operational costs than a traditional building, and with a 30-year agreement that includes a performance guarantee and predictable costs.
Geothermal is reliable as the technology works through every season. Pumps can simultaneously cool one part of the building white heating another, giving residents full control over their own space.
Geothermal System reducing carbon emissions by 70% and provides residents with predictable utility costs
Offers exceptional energy efficiencies, contributing to a sustainable heating and cooling expense providing residents with predictable monthly utility costs.
Occupancy rates are protected as building operators recognize the value of green buildings and the direct impact on tenant quality, retention and return on investment, ultimately driving up property value.
Collecdev buildings are designed and built to conserve more energy and resources than standard code compliant buildings
Committed to achieving Toronto Green Standards (TGS) certification
Sustainable green roof areas that will help reduce the heat island effect and help to manage storm water retention on site
High performance thermal envelope minimizes unwanted solar gain and heat loss
Bird friendly glazing reduces danger to migratory birds
Exterior lighting directed downwards to reduce urban light pollution
Motion sensor-controlled lighting in common areas to reduce electricity costs
LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights save money by using less energy and lasting far longer than compact fluorescent lighting and halogen bulbs
Tri-sorter disposal and recycling system diverts landfill waste
Electric car charging station located on P1 and provisions made for additional future stations
Car sharing program located on P1
Long-term bicycle parking spaces located on P1
Short-term bicycle parking located on ground level
Rooftop areas are re-purposed as a green roof contributing to greater water conservation, reduced maintenance and improved aesthetics.
Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s) in each suite to reduce energy demands and enhance air quality
Programmable thermostat to drive greater energy conservation
Efficient water fixtures and low-flow toilets
All appliances have Energy Star certification, reducing energy consumption 30%
Suites are painted with low volatile organic compound paints to minimize off-gassing, to ensure home has good air quality
Recycling bins placed in all suites
Water efficient plant material provided for more than 50% of landscaped site area
Rainwater is collected from roof and stored in a cistern for future use by the irrigation system. Watering plants with harvested rainwater instead of drinking water helps reduce cost
Over 50 Trees (including tall growth American Hornbeam and Freeman Maples) join the canopy of greenery on site, offering shade from summer sunshine or a rainbow of colours come fall, and ensuring the space will offer a natural refuge for decades to come.


Nørdic residents are always connected – connected to the city, connected to transit, connected to everything, 24 hours a day. Discover Wilson Heights immediately outside your front door, a vibrant community inspired by European cities where architectural diversity, urban gathering spaces, and pedestrian-centric infrastructure combine to encourage interaction with neighbours and friends.

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