Westwood Gardens

8868 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill
  • Project Type High-Rise Residential
  • Architect Kirkor Architects
  • Interiors Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc.
  • Landscape Design Land Art Design
  • Westwood Gardens Sales Inquires 647.660.8868

Experience modern elegance in two contemporary towers, rising from exquisitely landscaped gardens in the heart of Richmond Hill. Westwood Gardens offers brilliant architecture and timeless design, a collective vision that enhances the neighbourhood, creating a better way to live. Amenities have been carefully considered, offering residents contemporary comforts and abundant opportunities to gather and entertain. In the west building, recharge in one of the tranquil spaces that include a yoga studio and lounge. In the east, raise your pulse on the sports court or in a catering kitchen on the 8th floor that would be the envy of any chef. Connect to the city with ease from this coveted home base, an address that distills the best of modern living at 8868 Yonge Street.

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The GARDEN TOWN Collection

From the $800’s

Introducing a limited collection of exquisite urban Garden Townhomes, next to multimillion-dollar heirloom residences that make up the posh Westwood streetscape. Each elegant Townhome comes with a private landscaped patio, private entrance and two levels of curated features and finishes for a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle.

  • 3-bedroom + den layouts
  • 10’ smooth ceilings
  • Integrated appliances
  • Spa-inspired ensuites
  • Expansive walk-in closets
  • Access to state-of-the-art amenities
  • Gallery
  • Gallery
  • Gallery
  • Neighbourhood
    From this coveted address, everything will be accessible and anything will be possible. Small town sensibility. Big city amenities. The best of all worlds, keeping you well connected, and eternally Yonge at heart.
  • Neighbourhood
    Ransom Park is located on Yonge Street in the heart of old Richmond Hill, close to a range of amenities. This popular destination has comfortable benches and beautiful landscaping.
  • Neighbourhood
    Located at Yonge and Highway 7 in a plaza in the heart of Richmond Hill, this modern multiplex cinema chain screens the latest Hollywood films, plus new independent releases.
  • Neighbourhood
    Located in the heart of Richmond Hill, Hillcrest Mall has an outstanding collection of lifestyle retail including Sporting Life, Aritzia, Sephora, Pandora, H&M, and Hudson’s Bay.
  • Neighbourhood
    From kindergarten to post-secondary schools, Richmond Hill scores top marks in education. Your path to learning begins here.
  • Neighbourhood
    Enjoy easy access to Richmond Hill’s best shops, restaurants, and cafes, plus GO and Viva Transit, the new Yonge Street rapidway, and the 407 and 400-series highways.
  • Neighbourhood
    With a slate of fabulous neighbourhood restaurants, offering international cuisine, you can satisfy your taste for travel without ever leaving Richmond Hill. Bon appétit!
  • Neighbourhood
    This 43,000 square foot venue delivers a full season of world-class shows featuring top Canadian and international artists and sensational live performances.
  • Amenities
  • Amenities
  • Amenities
    A state-of-the-art Fitness Centre offers a total workout regime for body and mind. Facilities include cardio studio with treadmills, elliptical and spin bikes, and more.

Sustainable Features

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reduced carbon footprint and reduced maintenance fees at Westwood Gardens. Featuring an innovative geothermal system that cuts harmful emissions by over 70%, living the green life has never been so easy. Learn how geothermal technology benefits residents and the planet below.


Geothermal Economics

Because a majority of the energy for heating and cooling is coming from the earth Geothermal is also less expensive to operate and maintain, which reduces the exposure to unexpected energy fluctuations and equipment repairs which impact condo fees over the life of the building. This means that the building as a whole will enjoy lower monthly maintenance fees and long term predictability which we can all appreciate. Ontario has recently imposed a carbon tax which impacts the operating cost of buildings utilizing natural gas. Because we no longer use natural gas for space heating or fresh air the financial exposure to future carbon tax increases is greatly reduced.

The Long term the resale value of your suite should remain higher and be in higher demand. Potential buyers will appreciate that the building is comfortable, secure, affordable and a reduced carbon footprint compared to other buildings.

While the cost of energy sources like natural gas and electricity cannot be predicted, Geothermal energy is provided through a fixed long term agreement that spans over thirty years. That means a significant portion of the building’s operational budget can be predicted year over year. This predictability helps building managers reduce unforeseen costs which can impact condo fees. This arrangement also provides a performance guarantee which removes the operational burden of the geothermal system from the condo corp.

Geothermal and the Environment

Climate change and carbon reduction is top of mind and we at Collecdev want to do our part by creating a product with the lowest possible carbon footprint. By choosing Geothermal, we are helping to reduce greenhouse emissions in a significant way.

By displacing most of the natural gas usage, the building will reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by over 70% per year compared to a conventional building. That’s the equivalent of taking over 140 cars off the road every year!!

By eliminating cooling towers we also save over 5 million litres of water per year, and eliminate the need to dispose of harmful chemicals typically used by cooling towers.

Geothermal Comfort

Security is top of mind for all of us, and it is comforting to know that Geothermal is always available. The renewable energy source is directly below the building and cannot be interrupted by storms, labor disputes or other events. Even if the power goes out, emergency generators on site will keep the system running going regardless of what’s happening outside. How’s that for peace of mind? Because the Geothermal system has an infinite life span it will actually outlast the building itself.

In suite comfort is personal, which is why we believe owners should be able to decide what temperature their suite should be. In many buildings, the in suite temperature is dictated by outdoor temperatures, the season or even building managers. With our system, the owner is in full control, and heating or cooling is available on demand no matter the season or outdoor conditions. Each VRF unit controls the exact amount of cooling or heating that makes you happy. Regardless of your neighbours space or the building in general, your comfort is under you control.

Sustainable Features:


Relative to a MNECB (Model National Energy Code for Buildings) compliant reference building, Westwood achieves a 35% energy savings


Achieve a 50% reduction in potable water usage for irrigation by collecting and storing runoff. This is also used for a rainwater carwash


Occupancy sensors on lighting installed in the parking levels to reduce energy usage


LED lighting on building exterior to reduce energy usage


Tri-sort garbage chute installed in both buildings


Municipality heat reduction techniques used on site’s hardscape to reduce heat island effect


Pre-cast stone exterior used in place of all plate glass to better insulate building leading to less extreme temperature swings, meaning that less energy is used to heat and cool the building and suites


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