Fitness studio vs. Fireside lounge: the making of an amenity program
January 17, 2019

Have you ever stopped to appreciate your elevator-only commute to the in-house fitness studio at 6 am in the dead of winter? Thanked your lucky stars for a fully outfitted kids play centre when your toddler has a play date that slipped your mind? Wondered who was sipping the bottle of Grand Cru you spotted on the rooftop terrace? Or discovered a new brainstorm buddy in the communal coworking space downstairs? These are all examples of condo amenities, an essential part of curating the perfect lifestyle for 21st century living.

In the olden days (a time before iPhones, touchscreens, and Google Home, gasp!) amenities were an afterthought, but in today’s competitive condo market, purchasers are demanding new and innovative conveniences that reflect the way they want to live. That’s because, just like a house, your experience in a condo doesn’t end when you step outside your front door. Instead, purchasers are looking for the perfect mix of private space, the right location, strong community, and amenities that support them in their daily pursuits. But how exactly are amenities planned?

The Making of an Amenity Program
A successful amenity program requires a thorough understanding of the market and, above all, an understanding of the needs of today’s condo buyers. “Developers like Collecdev are constantly seeking new ways to provide the type of common spaces that respond to the needs of residents, encourage a sense of community, and help a project stand out from the crowd. All while still making sure the economics make sense” says Collecdev VP Sales and Marketing, Natascha Pieper.

The decision to add a pet spa vs. an indoor pool, or a daycare vs. a concierge, all affect the ultimate price of a unit and the ongoing monthly maintenance fees. The secret is deciding which amenities are integral to the unique experience of that particular project (and valuable for the residents), and which ones just don’t make sense.

Bringing It to Life
For example, as we considered the amenity program our highly anticipated upcoming community, we asked ourselves, How can we create a complete community for residents that improves livability and their daily quality of life? What are people looking for that would create an even better experience of home?

The answer is a collaborative co-working space that responds to the growing freelance economy where thirty percent of millennials now work from home and appreciate the convenience of an in-house commute. It means a children’s play area for city-dwelling families that lets imaginations run wild. It means pet-friendly conveniences like dog runs, a pet washing station, and safe play areas that are in sync with the increasing popularity of four-legged friends. It means an outdoor rooftop lounge that acts as a de facto backyard. And it means a fitness studio that supports the growing trend in holistic health.

As people’s needs continue to evolve, so will amenities. Ultimately, successful programs will be the ones that serve those evolving needs and foster opportunities for connection, helping people feel a deeper sense of home. Collecdev will be at the forefront, providing everything you need to live a healthier, happier, more inspired life, every day.

Lead Photo Courtesy of Office Snapshots