Here’s What to Expect for Move-in day at TRETTI
January 24, 2023

Excitement is building for occupancy at TRETTI. PDIs are taking place, the finished building is coming to life, and move-in day is just around the corner for this Scandinavian-inspired, multi-layered community in the heart of Wilson Heights. And while you’re packing boxes and picking out furniture, you may also be wondering exactly what to expect. Here is all the information you need to prepare.

I’ve got my occupancy date, now what?

Let’s start with some basic terminology. Your occupancy date marks the day that you receive your keys, and the day your Tarion warranty period begins. Your move-in date is the day you physically move into your new home. The reason they’re not the same is a matter of logistics - your closing and key handover will likely take place in the afternoon, but move-in day is best tackled with an early start (and an elevator booking).

Of course, once your keys are in hand, the suite is yours, so if you want to visit your new home and drop off a few small boxes of personal items. But for your official move-in – the day your furniture arrives and the day you get elbow-deep in boxes and big items – you’ll need to book the elevator.

How do I book the elevator?

The ongoing management of TRETTI is in the expert hands of Melbourne Property Management, a Toronto-based firm with over 100 years of combined industry experience. The Property Manager assigned to TRETTI is Shanta Sapkota, please call Shanta directly at 416.546.2126 x174. Shanta will help you gather all the necessary forms and information that you need. You’ll be able to book the elevator starting the day after occupancy.

What will I need?

To book the elevator you’ll need:

  • A security deposit cheque
  • A completed Resident Information Form
  • Proof of insurance
  • A copy of your completed PowerStream utility enrollment form
  • If your unit is leased, you’ll also need a copy of the lease

Don’t forget that an elevator booking is necessary any time you have a large delivery that requires the use of the loading bay and the elevators.

What can I expect on move-in day?

Together, Collecdev and Melbourne Property Management have handled tens of thousands of move-ins, and we’ve developed the best practices that will help ensure a smooth and seamless experience getting into your new home.

  • Upon arrival, check in with the concierge, they’ll be available for any questions throughout the day.
  • Make sure your moving truck and any other vehicles are in the loading bay and not blocking the roadways or any fire routes (this is why we book elevator times, to ensure there’s sufficient space for everyone moving that day).
  • Start the heavy lifting.
  • When you’re finished, remember to break down any large boxes and take them to the garbage / recycling room.
  • Kick back and relax in your new home.

What will the building be like when I move in?

During interim occupancy, some parts of the building may still be under construction. That means there may be protective coverings in the elevator cabs and some noise when the crews are on site. You can also expect some ongoing construction of the exterior and the amenity spaces, which won’t be accessible until after construction is complete. As well, paint, wallpaper and carpets in common areas may not yet be finished – they’ll be installed after the bulk of move-ins have taken place so they remain protected from any damage.

Rest assured that everyone (residents, workers and trade partners) is working towards the same goal - to ensure a quick and successful completion of the building - so please be patient and if you have any questions, contact a member of our Customer Care team, we’re always here to help.

TRETTI is set to deliver a thriving community with contemporary architecture, elegant interiors, and a strong connection to nature. It's the best of all worlds, and it's ready to welcome you home.

For questions about move-in day at TRETTI, or about any of our extraordinary communities, contact a member of our customer care team at 416.640.6000 x1 or