Nørdic takes shape in Wilson Heights
November 24, 2023

If you’ve driven through Wilson Heights recently, you may have noticed an exciting new addition to the neighbourhood, as Nørdic continues to evolve from an architectural vision to an impressive reality. The contemporary 12-storey building now sits comfortably within the context of the surrounding community, the crisp duotone façade providing a fresh counterpoint to the residential streetscape.

With the exterior nearly complete, the focus has moved inside, where interior spaces, including the state-of-the-art fitness centre, and stunning lobby, are coming to life.

Here’s a look at the latest progress:

  • Installation of the exterior envelope panels and glazing is nearly complete across the entire building, with the exception of a small number of suites that continue to act as key ingress points for hoisting and transporting materials, equipment, and machinery to the upper levels.
  • Installation of the mechanical and electrical penthouse systems is currently in progress.
  • Work on the interior building finishes is advancing rapidly, and framing and rough-in work has commenced for the interior amenity spaces.
  • Landscaping activities are in full swing, creating a canopy of greenery with new flowers, plants, shrubs, and 50 new trees, including tall growth American Hornbeam and Freeman Maples.

Each of these elements plays an important role not only in the progress of construction, but in progress toward creating a human-centred community, one that emphasizes health and wellbeing for residents and guests. For example, the balconies and terraces that dot the façade will soon provide a direct connection to nature and improved access to sunlight and fresh air. Amenities, currently under construction, will become spaces for neighbours to engage, interact, and socialize. Landscaping is setting the scene for nearly 11,000 square feet of outdoor space that can help reduce stress, boost creativity, and increase happiness. And the mechanical and electrical systems will work in harmony with the innovative geothermal heating and cooling system that uses about 40% less energy than a traditional HVAC system, and produces 70% less greenhouse gas, saving over 5 million litres of water every year.

With each new construction milestone, the key elements of Nørdic - extensive green space, thoughtfully designed amenities, innovative architecture, and integrated connectivity to everything around - are creating synergies that result in the perfect place to call home.

Stay tuned for more construction updates!

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