What is good design?
April 20, 2020

Design. It’s quite the buzzword in marketing. Design-forward. Design-savvy. Intelligent design.

Good or bad, design is built into every single object we touch, every online site we use, every space we interact with. But what exactly is good design?

Celebrated industrial designer Dieter Rams once laid out ten guiding principles for good design. To no one’s surprise, aesthetic made the list, but so did innovative, unobtrusive, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly, things we’ve always known at Collecdev.

You see, good design isn’t just about form. It’s not just about making something beautiful or aesthetically pleasing (although we certainly strive for beauty when building our communities).

At Collecdev we believe that good design…

… is about creating something that performs well and responds intuitively to the people who use it.

… is about staying ahead of the curve to find innovative new technologies like the geothermal energy systems we’ve incorporated into all our new builds, helping to save water, reduce CO2 emissions, and minimize operating costs.

… is about conserving resources, minimizing impact, and contributing to the preservation of the environment - the principles behind our pillar of Environmental Stewardship that drive us to create communities with a smaller carbon footprint, better for our residents and the earth.

… is about leaving nothing to chance and ensuring that the care and accuracy we use for site planning and building design get translated to the final product thanks to Collecdev Construction, our in-house construction company that guarantees quality and thorough attention down to the last detail.

… is about building developments that reject fast fashion and disposable design, and instead, produce communities that will last for generations to come.

… is about being timeless, never antiquated.

… is about delivering substance, standing behind our product, and keeping our promises.

… is about going above and beyond the standard with design features like high window-to-wall ratios, that outperform the existing building code and make everyday life more inspiring.

… is about concentrating on the essentials and delivering a better way to live, pure and simple.

These are the ideas that drive us, the beliefs that guide us, and the principles we strive to bring to life in our communities every day.