Completed | 30 Tretti Way, Toronto
Welcome to TRETTI, a fully formed community with one simple vision: create a lifestyle designed for the way people really live. Suites with clean lines and multi-functional design.


Category Condo Ownership
Address 30 Tretti Way, Toronto
Architect gh3*
Status Completed
TRETTI delivers Scandinavian design with a Toronto address - an entirely new way to live.

A blank canvas in Toronto’s Tippett Regeneration Area doubles as the testing ground for a new, complete way of living. TRETTI is a social, environmental and experiential strategy of city-building that adopts the best practices of northern European design. Introducing an eco-friendly, affordable, and human-scaled lifestyle to the heart of Wilson Heights, TRETTI captures the progressive ideals that have made Scandinavian cities some of the happiest on the planet, employing an acute focus on placemaking to create an egalitarian, hyperlocal and truly complete community.

TRETTI exemplifies the development principles envisioned for the Tippett Regeneration Area by CreateTO and the City of Toronto, who drew the blueprint for the integrated and mixed-use community now taking shape. Using functional and smart design to enhance livability, coupled with assets specifically curated to meet the diverse needs of its residents, TRETTI gracefully executes the framework established by these important civic partners.

The contemporary and organic architecture of TRETTI responds to the walkable streetscapes of Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, translating the characteristics of these rich urban environments into a Toronto context. The result is a carefully crafted living experience supported by multi-functional interiors, ample daylight, and a robust connection to the outdoors via green rooftops and a sprawling eighth floor terrace. At 13 storeys, TRETTI is a modest and human-scaled development punctuated by architectural setbacks and ground-level amenities, which animates the public realm and enhances safety with constant “eyes on the street.” An expansive family-friendly amenity package caters to the desires of all residents, and features a fully equipped fitness studio, yoga space, party room, co-working space, indoor pet-friendly play area, and indoor and outdoor children’s play areas.

Acknowledging that buildings are a contributor to climate change, TRETTI embraces a low-carbon future by employing an innovative geothermal heating and cooling system that will produce 70 percent less greenhouse gases, use about 40 percent less energy than a traditional HVAC system, and save over five million litres of water every year. The geothermal system is complemented by several other green gestures, including two private courtyards sporting drought-tolerant landscapes, absorbing stormwater runoff and reducing clean water irrigation waste by 60 percent. A 29,000-square-foot central park features hardscaping to reduce the urban heat island effect and offers places for rest, recreation, and social interaction. Dedicated bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging stations assist in the proliferation of a strong local multi-modal transportation network. These environmentally conscious features are all part of creating a healthy, holistic community for the greater good, a common understanding of how our individual actions impact the people and the world around us.

Illustrating our commitment to social sustainability, 50 affordable residences at TRETTI will give the gift of home ownership to more Toronto families. The broader Tippett Regeneration Area will receive a total of 200 affordable homes from Collecdev. Complete communities are defined by their inhabitants, who come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Providing a range of housing types ensures the long-term accessibility and prosperity of the neighbourhood, allowing all families to participate and benefit from this trailblazing community. A pioneering force in building affordable housing, Collecdev provided a personal touch to the homebuying process, meeting one-on-one with each prospective purchaser to answer questions and alleviate any concerns. The majority of TRETTI residents already live and rent in the community, and are ready to put down their roots and invest in the security of home ownership.

Our contribution to affordable housing at TRETTI became the genesis of Collecdev H.O.M.E. (Home Ownership Made Easy), a collaboration between all three levels of government. Connecting deserving families with payment- and interest-free down payment assistance loans, the program delivers the dream of home ownership to current renters. Homeowners under the program pay up to 6.5 percent down, representing massive savings compared to the traditional 20 percent down payment required. The loan remains payment- and interest-free as long as the homeowner continues to reside in the condominium. The partnership between governments and Collecdev engendered the City of Toronto’s Open Door Affordable Housing Program, resulting in Collecdev being recognized as a Champion of Affordable Housing.

Located in a mature neighbourhood already defined by relationships to its surroundings, TRETTI features a near-perfect transit score of 98 and convenient access to Wilson, Yorkdale and Sheppard West subway stations, with additional connections to GO Transit, Allen Road, and Highway 401. TRETTI reinforces and heightens the best characteristics of the neighbourhood, serving as the linchpin of a vibrant, forward-thinking, mixed-use community with new public roads, pedestrian and cycling connections, park spaces, and neighbourhood amenities. TRETTI represents the best of both worlds—a multi-layered lifestyle catered to the individual but fostered by social connectedness—a complete community espousing distinctly Scandanavian design with a familiar Toronto address.

Sustainable Features

Sustainable architecture is environmentally conscious, energy-saving, and utilizes responsive and renewable materials and systems. Collecdev realizes that ecological and environmental concerns have expanded beyond the issue of the consumption of non-renewable energy sources.
Sustainability essentially aims for ecological balance.
Geothermal Features
Geothermal is a premium system that reduces the building’s carbon footprint, lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 70% over traditional systems and saves over 5 million litres of water per year.
Geothermal saves money, reducing annual energy costs for the entire building with lower maintenance and operational costs than a traditional building, and with a 30-year agreement that includes a performance guarantee and predictable costs.
Geothermal is reliable as the technology works through every season. Pumps can simultaneously cool one part of the building while heating another, giving residents full control over their own space.
Offers exceptional energy efficiencies, contributing to a sustainable heating and cooling expense providing residents with predictable monthly utility costs.
Occupancy rates are protected as building operators recognize the value of green buildings and the direct impact on tenant quality, retention and return on investment, ultimately driving up property value.
Collecdev buildings are designed and built to conserve more energy and resources than standard code compliant buildings
Committed to achieving Toronto Green Standards (TGS) Tier 2 certification
Sustainable green roof areas that will help reduce the heat island effect and help to manage storm water retention on site
High performance thermal envelope minimizes unwanted solar gain and heat loss
Bird friendly glazing reduces danger to migratory birds
Exterior lighting directed downwards to reduce urban light pollution
Motion sensor-controlled lighting in common areas to reduce electricity costs
LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights save money by using less energy and lasting far longer than compact fluorescent lighting and halogen bulbs
Tri-sorter disposal and recycling system diverts landfill waste
Electric car charging station located on P1 and provisions made for additional future stations
Car sharing program located on P1
Long-term bicycle parking spaces located on P1
Rooftop areas are re-purposed as a green roof contributing to greater water conservation, reduced maintenance and improved aesthetics.
Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s) in each suite to reduce energy demands and enhance air quality
Programmable thermostat to drive greater energy conservation
Efficient water fixtures and low-flow toilets
All appliances have Energy Star® certification, reducing energy consumption by 30%
Suites are painted with low volatile organic compound paints to minimize off-gassing, to ensure home has good air quality
Recycling bins placed in all suites
Water efficient plant material provided for more than 50% of landscaped site area
Rainwater is collected from roof and stored in a cistern for future use by the irrigation system watering plants with harvested rainwater instead of drinking water helps reduce cost
Allan Walkway and mid-block connections on site connect with walking and cycling routes within the broader community


TRETTI is truly the best of all worlds – Scandinavian inspired, Toronto based, in the heart of Wilson Heights, near Yorkdale, and linked to TTC subway. Live in a charming community bursting with local businesses, family-friendly outdoors, and urban amenities that keep you connected to anything and everything.

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